If you really want to know what the most vexing thing about wine is, I probably can’t tell you. But, do you even really care? Very possibly not. And why might that be? I guess what I’m saying is that in my opinion, a big part of the most vexing thing about wine for people who appreciate it is trying to figure out just why people don’t care. And let it be known that I completely understand, for this information is certainly not vital to our survival. But the real backbone of this blog (aside from my undeniable attempt to brainwash you all!) is without question going to be dedicated to figuring out exactly what compelling things are missing from the world of wine that would ordinarily lure us in and encourage us to crave the knowledge it has to offer, just like anything else we enjoy. And it starts right here.

My first theory is completely food related, which is ironic when considering the bliss that is wine accompanying food. But food is vital to our survival and we’ve been exposed to the best and worst of it our whole lives. As each day has passed, we’ve drawn conclusions and taken mental note of what foods we enjoy, be it individually or in conjunction with each other. We’ve experienced how food makes us feel, whether or not it inspires us towards productivity or demoralizes us towards complete uselessness (I’m sure we can all relate to a most recent Thanksgiving food coma). And these feelings are unanimous because we are human. There is no one on this planet who hasn’t gotten just a little too excited about a dish or even one bite that attained necessary authority to change one’s whole perception of food, and that may suffice plenty in regards to fulfilling one’s wildest tasting imaginations. The point is that wine doesn’t come into play until we’re about two decades into life at the earliest (with the exception of Europe), if at all. It’s admittedly far less approachable than beer or liquor at a relatively early age and it introduces itself by flaunting an intimidating exterior. So the questions are unless you’re in the food/wine business or just by chance happen to be a part of the small percentile that finds pleasure in wine as a hobby, why deem it worthy, specifically anywhere close to on par with food, of any sort of methodical critique? And, why put it on a pedestal when even food may not make it to one in some people’s cases?

During recent times, measures have been taken towards a less intimidating, approachable style of wine marketing. New-world wine producing regions such as Australia and certainly California apply a playfulness to their products through name and image with acknowledgment to their respective clientele. But therein lies an interesting controversy; what about much French wine, with the average bottle unappealing to the young eye especially, but possessing unparalleled quality that becomes overlooked due to their loyalty to their country and its classic appearance?

In an attempt to be as relatable as possible, I speak in depth about the daunting aspects of wine. I can also admit that if you aren’t prone to a little bit of culinary diversity, then you’re less likely to find an even remotely sophisticated appeal for wine. But if you catch yourself resorting to a human instinct such as curiosity every now and then (hint: that’s everyone!), I say with confidence that you’d be surprised how modestly gratifying it can be to have a handful of wine knowledge tucked away. Here’s to hoping the mental transition exists for some people who have yet to consider it, and baby steps are certainly accepted and encouraged.


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